Making it easier to be active with a health condition: a national conversation

Welcome to your national online conversation for anyone with a passion for empowering and inspiring those of us with health conditions to be active. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Those who support people with health conditions to get active: sport and exercise professionals, fitness instructors, coaches, health and social care professionals, volunteers, peer supporters
  • Those who provide, design and commission physical activity and health and care services
  • People with lived experience of health conditions, their carers, families and friends

This is your opportunity to have a voice like never before and to share your experience and ideas in a safe, anonymous online space. Please take a moment to read about this project by clicking on the tab above.

Together we will build up a picture of how we can work together to shape the design, provision and promotion of services so that everyone who stands to benefit from becoming more active is enabled to do so in the best possible way.

Together we will empower people with health conditions get active, stay active, and live longer, better quality lives.

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